Your environment (shop, branch, stock) requires you to maintain a high level of constant vigil along with the best suited management tools and an efficient analysis of your merchandising.

Waycom has amongst it’s offering a vast variety of high end cameras to maintain a 24/7  surveillance whilst using the same equipment to analyse the traffic pertaining to that space.

Visitor flow analysis

For security reasons, you may be asked to equip your stores with a CCTV system.

Why not convert this expenditure into an investment by analysing your customers’ behaviour in your premises?

heatmapAfter months of R&D and « in situ » observations, we have developed an algorithm, which can analyse your in-store visitor flow. This will allow you to analyse the hot and cold zones so that you can implement better area management as well product visibility measures.

If you link up your cameras to your Wifi or RFID relays, your data will be even more precise and the analysis so much specific leading to the implementation of the best adapted solutions.

Video monitoring

Features of our panoramic cameras :

  • High quality image (HD): up to 5 million pixels
  • Panoramic view: 360°/180°
  • Multiple view and intra image navigation
  • Integrated SD/SDHC memory card storage

Features of the client tool to manage video

  • Videos with customisable view : 1 or multiple camera viewing, scrolling, and more
  • Capability to embed information from the internet: road traffic updates,  weather forecast but to name those
  • Viewing the recording based on movements
  • Configuration of video alarms

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