MPLS network


Revenue reports,  special offer advertising, distance training, amongst others, whenever your stores need a secure, fast connectivity solution with the headquarters, we will provide all your stores in France and beyond, with an MPLS network-based solution.

The MPLS will transit data in a private network away from the Internet. The result will be a seamless, secure connection.
You can choose amongst many a type of connections: xDSL, Fibre, 3G/4G, EFM, multiple access. It will depend on your choice of speed and your geographical location.

Waycom's MPLS

We will completely audit your sites so as to determine the technology required and the achievable bandwidth. We shall also work with you to establish a deployment plan in your stores so that multiple sites can be equipped simultaneously and your entire network will be operational within a few days.

This is why a dedicated project leader is named right from the early beginnings of our commercial relations, who will determine the milestones, and how best to achieve them.

The speeds may vary from one MB to several GB. Thanks to our networking experience that we have acquired since Waycom was founded in Y2K, and as a telecom service provider,  with our own network, we are able to ensure you a high level of availability of connections anywhere in the world.

From business integration transfer to back-up security, Waycom will take over all the steps, whilst you concentrate on your core business and your clients.

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