Multi-supports private network

Secure your communications by relying on the MPLS private network. IP communication never transit on public Internet.

WAycom MPLS follows you everywhere in the world regardless of the type of connections selected.

  • Are you a multi site enterprise?
  • Have you an international development?
  • Are your employees mobile and do they need to be connected to your Information System?

Waycom MPLS in three words


Private network solution : MPLS / VPN

al private network, separate from the Internet, MPLS secures your exchanges between headquarters and subsidiaries and between the information system and mobile workers.

You can :

  • Remote access to enterprise resources without geographical restriction
  • Secure communication et protect your datas
  • Speed inter-sites communication and with mobile workers
  • Guarantee the IP route taken between sites

Make the choice of the Waycom MPLS,  it’s to be sure to have a high quality of service :



Our own network in n*10G

Our own network in n*10G in France and abroad to ensure an end-to-end QoS

Cisco architecture

Backbone routers based on a fully redundant Cisco architecture for an availability rate of over 99.9%


Advanced safety rules and prioritizing customized flow

We can also offer you other technologies to secure your communications. VPN, SSL, IPsec, depending on your requirements, several alternatives are possible.

MPLS/VPN private network testimonial


Private network and high speed connection

Nicolas Codet, Chief Technical Officer ST Dupont

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