Internet connections


Internet is a vital tool to boost your organisation’s work and productivity.. Your employees need to be connected to your company’s information system and communicate with your clients via social networks or making some VoIP phone meetings.

With Waycom’s connections you can:

  • connect to the web;
  • connect to your organisation’s MPLS.


Multi-technology offerings

We connect many thousands of sites in France and beyond.

Our multi-technology offerings can be aligned to your financial ability on the one hand and your organisation’s bandwidth-related needs on the other.

  • We offer fibre optic, EFM, SDSL, and link aggregation.
  • Our links have contractual Guaranteed Return to Service as well as proactive supervision.
  • We provide you with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Our Internet connexions technologies

TechnoDownward speedUpward speedSymmetrical / asymmetricalSupportLatenceGRS
adslADSLUp to 24 MbpsUp to 1MbpsAsymmetricalPair of copper< 50 msD+1

Up to 100 MbpsUp to 50 MbpsAsymmetricalPair of copper< 50  msD+1
sdlsSDSLBetween 1 and 8 MbpsBetween 1 and 8 MbpsSymmetricalMultiple pairs of copper ATM< 30 ms4H HO (optional 24/7)
sdlsSDSL EFMBetween 1 and 16 MbpsBetween 1 and 16 MbpsSymmetricalMultiple pairs of copper EFM< 30 ms4H business hours (optional 24/7)
multiMultiple Access ADSLUp to 96 MbpsUp to 4 MbpsAsymmetricalMultiple pairs of copper< 50 msD+1
multiMultiple Acces SDSLJusqu’à 32 MbpsJusqu’à 32 MbpsSymmetricalMultiple pairs of copper< 30 ms4H business hours (optional 24/7)
fibreFiber opticFrom 10 to 100 MbpsFrom 10 to 100 MbpsSymmetricalOptic fibre<10 ms4H within 24/7
fibre_noireBlack fiberFrom 100 Mbps to 10 GbpsFrom 100 Mbps to 10 GbpsSymmetricalBlack fibre<1 ms4H in 24/7

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