Virtual servers


Virtual servers, also called VM (Virtual Machines) are based on the virtualisation principle, which has shown it’s worth in systems in larger-scale systems under, in particular under Linux and Unix. It aims to partition a big server into several smaller ones that are virtually private and isolated from one another.

Given that a large, dedicated machine is, very often, underused, the virtualisation technique is a source of instant financial savings whilst maintaining an optimal level of security.

Our tailor-made solutions

A virtual server, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) is achieved by partitioning a big server into several smaller, virtually private ones.

Each virtual server has it’s own OS (operating system)

It’s main features can be divided into the following three resources:

  • A Hard Disk : HDD
  • A processor : CPU
  • Memory : RAM

We offer you tailor-made virtual servers that will perfectly suit your organisation’s needs.

Our pre-configured solutions

If you have more standard needs, we can offer you three types of pre-configured servers: Cvirtuel Starter, Cvirtuel Premium and Cvirtuel Platinium.


Cvirtuel Starter

  • 40 GB of secured disk space
  • 1 GB of dedicated RAM
  • 1 TB of monthly traffic

This server is best adapted for the most basic needs in terms of a professional hosting service. Launching a website online allows you to go beyond the conventional window.


Cvirtuel Premium

  • 60 GB of secured disk space
  • 1,5 GB of dedicated RAM
  • 1,5 TB of monthly traffic

This will ensure you practically no administration-related issues on the one hand, and no availability issues on the other. If you are planning to open a small online shop, an event, or a website that will cater to a medium-sized audience, this is your ideal option.


Cvirtuel Platinium

  • 80 GB of secured disk space
  • 2 GB of dedicated RAM
  • 2 TB of monthly traffic

High availability pack that is ready-to-use for an online shop or a critical application. It will fulfil your performance-related expectations as well as those pertaining to maintaining a continuity of service offered to your client-base.


For Lionel Sarrazy, CIO of BETC Euro RSCG, with regard to the expertise and technical knowhow of Waycom’s employees, I can say that they were always been available and ready to act during the course of the entire project.

We sought a solution that was flexible on the one hand, – not sure of how successful the website would be, and easy to implement, on the other, given that the implementation had to be quickly carried out after the decision-making process due to the conditions set forth by our client.
Waycom employees were always available and ready to act and thanks to their technical knowledge, could support us during the entire length of the project. They were the force of suggestions, and provided us with solutions that were sustainable and best adapted to our needs.

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