Tailor-made infrastructure


It is because your needs are unique to your organisation that we offer you a service that corresponds to your image: customised and progressive by nature. We will establish the specifications together with you, and precisely determine the solution that is best adapted to your activity.

Several types of Cloud can be made available to you


A Private Cloud

Whether you have already acquired equipments or wish for your organisation’s data to remain on your server, we can manage your Private Cloud platform,no matter which hypervisor you use: VMware, Cloudstack, Openstack or even Hyper-V


Public Cloud

This is the Cloud par excellence!  No investment on your part is required, and the invoicing is done to suit your needs… the Waycom Cloud is a progressive service that is redondant and based on VMware. Waycom will support you in deploying your own secure platform.


Hybrid Cloud

If you wish to have the best of both worlds, a secure, and progressive, public infrastructure, whilst maintaining the equipment you have acquired, Waycom will let you manage several Cloud platforms immaterially of your chosen hypervisor.

Let's assess your needs

Our IT architects design the turnkey infrastructure that best corresponds to your organisation. Based on the initial specifications, we sketch the infrastructural diagram.

This document then becomes the basis of the negotiations to carry out a more detailed offer. This is the document that will lead to the various stages, the dates and the costs involved.

The project is carried out as follows:

  1. Set up a Proof Of Concept (POC) to approve of the suggested solution
  2. Nominating a Project Leader to follow up the operations
  3. Design the infrastructure
  4. Approval of the project
  5. Initiation of the production phase

Build your customized solution

Contact a Waycom expert to assess your needs +33 1 41 44 83 00