Big data


Social networks, website CRM and ERP, your data volume is decidedly exponential and on the increase. All of that data is often unstructured and makes analysis so much more difficult.

Waycom’s Big Data service will allow you to stock huge volumes of unstructured data and will carry out predictive analysis pertaining to your clients, your turnover, your competitors, but to name a few.

The solution

Waycom uses Hadoop technology to make it’s Big Data offer come true.

The idea being to stock a huge volume of data on multiple servers spread over numerous Datacenters. This technology is interesting due to it’s efficiency in terms of adjustability on the one hand and server access on the other.

The data is stored in multiple servers, which means that the unavailability of one piece of equipment will not, in any way, impact the performance of the remaining structure.

However, stocking data in the Hadoop mode is no more than a first step of Waycom’s Big Data Project’s offerings. We also have an ecosystem of partners that analyses the data and delivers information that is so useful and strategic for your business.

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