13.01.2014 – BETC’s testimonial

The digital media performance campaigns Les campagnes require telecom innovations


Suresnes, 13th  January 2014



Manufacturing secret

From competitions to promotional sites through event site, the Internet is recreational as well as a laboratory and the theatre, which is the venue of communication & advertising give rhythm to internet users. BETC, the advertising agency specialised in brand and advertising strategy make their clients’ communicational statement on the web. What does the staging of the daily thousands of visits rely on? Connectivity, fibre, bandwidth, IT infrastructure and hosting represent the technical stakes of a stable web. BETC chose Waycom to install the technical base which allow their events to reach their objectives.

The advantages

  • An infrastructure that has been tested by the craziest of campaigns,
  • A hosting service for thousands of visitors per day,
  • Expertise and technical consultation to be able to concentrate on their job.

To fulfil the needs of connectivity required for their campaigns, BETC selected Waycom as their service provider. Over the past 2 years, the telecom service provider manages BETC’s entire network infrastructure : Waycom deployed the internal connection as well as the internal network. As an example, in response to the clients’ needs, five promotional sites were connected in a fibre ring with a double induction on each site. A technical operation that allowed each site to be connected with a 1Gbbs internet connection. The sites now work seamlessly thanks to the guaranteed bandwidth.

The host is relying on efficient hosting to receive thousands of daily visitors

Waycom deployed the Cloud-based internet hosting to fulfil not only BETC’s internal needs but also all the clients’ operations. Thus the agency can afford a sufficiently reliable infrastructural security to manage the significant flow of visitors. Like serial promotion “Les Revenants”, which was broadcast on Canal +, BETC started a competition at the end of each episode. The site was going to be faced with 100 000 visits per day.

“The equipment provided by Waycom guarantee infrastructural stability. Whilst being available at all times, our technical support ensures day after day that the quality of our network is upheld. And the precision and robustness of the support are dominating factors in BETC’s web advertising”, Lionel Sarrazy, BETC’s CIO believes.

“Beyond the services or the infrastructure, our goal has been to supply BETC with a reliable and flexible support in order to support the agency’s activity. Therefore, our team is in constant touch with them to support them at the very best to provide them the required support in their campaigns.” Julien Jacquel, Waycom’s Managing Director explains.

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About Waycom

After being founded in the year 2000, Waycom is a telecom service provider of Cloud Computing, customised network connections, outsourcing as well as retail-oriented services. The organisation has strong expertise on the retail market. It is the principal partner of many a commercial actor in organised business as well as franchises. The organisation works with over 500 clients amongst which you will find names such as Sony BMG, Lafayette, Cdiscount.com, BETC Euro RSCG, Krys Group, MK2, but to name them. We are located in Suresnes, and have recorded an annual turnover of 9 and a half million Euro in 2013 with more than 50 employees.

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