06.01.2014 – Optical Center ‘s feedback

How does Optical Center go about improving their commercial efficiency with the advent of new technology?


Suresnes, 6th January 2014


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Jazzing up stores with the new digital media, production and distribution of contextual advertisements in the aisles in addition to reducing the distance between them and the clients are the new tools, thanks to which the retailers can improve on the efficiency of their sales strategy. They form a real support system that can also serve as the basis of the store’s dynamism . It is to overcome these and such challenges that Optical Center chose to work with Waycom to equip it’s 380 stores with a stable connectivity.


  • Adapted bandwidth in all stores,
  • A stable connectivity,
  • Instantaneous exchange of data,
  • Interactivity between head office and stores.

Optical Center is a fast growing organisation. It currently counts 380 stores in Europe, and is France’s 5th biggest optical and hearing aid brand. As a major stakeholder of the above fields, it is essential for them to guarantee the same, reliable, dynamic, reactive and high quality of service in all their shops. The question that arises here is: how can this be done without stable, secure connectivity without heavily impacting the budget? To fulfil these preconditions, Optical Center chose to entrust Waycom, the telecom service provider with it.

MPLS, double connections ADSL/SDSL, secure access, a single IP address. Adequate tools for their needs were installed: the services offered by the brand now have an optimal connectivity right across it’s 380 outlets. The sales personnel have the power of network at their fingertips and can thus concentrate on their job. The exchanges have become seamless. What’s more, Waycom’s services keep the network stable. A sine qua non condition to ensure that the digital media to function, which will dynamise the stores. That is the case of the dynamic Point of Sale marketing to simultaneously and instantaneously broadcast information to all of the brand’s clients, which requires a high and stable bandwidth.

To these services, you add Waycom’s outsourcing service, whereby the team of technical experts allow the brand’s employees to do their job unhindered. Thus, Optical Center has a precise visibility of it’s IT costs, thanks to the complete outsourcing of all it’s IT equipment as well as a client extranet client that details the use of all the services that have been subscribed to.

By innovating, Optical Center has become more attractive and thus got the competitive edge over the rest of the market.

Connecting the shops in Business Parks: A challenge to take on

It has become necessary to connect all the stores and to make the best of a quality network infrastructure. Yet, numerous shops are located in places where DSLAM service providers are not available, and as a result, the bandwidth is too weak. It has become necessary to resolve this issue. This is why Optical Center along with Waycom deployed the Multiple Access service offering in 11 of it’s shops located in business parks. The aim is to gain in better bandwidth quality whilst being financially viable.

 « No store can work without a network. Most of the sales require an authorisation request, which in turn require mutual information exchange. Besides, dynamic Point of Sale advertising dynamique, audio, and a lot more depends on the quality of the available network. We have to improve the instantaneity and interactivity between stores and the head office.”, Laurent Teule, Optical Center’s Development Director explained.

“In view of the build up of connectivity needs at retail stores, Waycom offers you services that are based on such needs. It was important for us to have a reliable connection with higher bandwidth at an affordable price. We listened to our client, and implemented solutions that were adapted to each one of Optical Center’s 380 shops, as per our positioning with regard to the IS convergence and the telecom connections available to them. As for the uncovered zones, we have installed high bandwidth connections via satellite”, Julien Jacquel, Waycom’s Managing Director explains.

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About Waycom

After being founded in the year 2000, Waycom is a telecom service provider of Cloud Computing, customised network connections, outsourcing as well as retail-oriented services. The organisation has strong expertise on the retail market. It is the principal partner of many a commercial actor in organised business as well as franchises. The organisation works with over 500 clients amongst which you will find names such as Sony BMG, Lafayette, Cdiscount.com, BETC Euro RSCG, Krys Group, MK2, but to name them. We are located in Suresnes, and have recorded an annual turnover of 9 and a half million Euro in 2013 with more than 50 employees.

Find out more: www.waycom.fr

About Optical Center

Founded in 1991, Optical Center is currently the fifth brand in the field of optical and hearing aids across France. It has been the biggest growing in the optical and hearing aid market. They employ nearly 2000 staff in 380 shops.


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