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After founding the Atlanta Group, one of the pioneers in the field of network integration, which was significant in the 1980s, and having generated a 44 million Euro turnover, Roland Jhean actively participated in developing the Internet in France in the year 2000. With a vision that has proven it’s pertinence, il founded WAYCOM in the same year.

A sales  engineer by means of his background, Julien Jacquel was actively involved in launching ADSL services in France in 1999, whilst working at Magic On-Line. He then joined Firstmark to launch the local radio loop in France, before coming over to WAYCOM in 2003. In 2006, Roland Jhean gave him the reins of the WAYCOM Group, which he has honoured with his teams whilst seeing to the growth and a rare financial viability in spite of the crisis.

A sales engineers by education, Julien Jacquel played an active role in launching ADSL services throughout France in 1999, whilst he was with Magic On-Line. He then joined Firstmark to launch the local radio loop across France, before joining the ranks of WAYCOM in 2003. In 2006, Roland Jhean entrusted him with the post of Managing Director of the WAYCOM Group, which he has honoured with his teams whilst seeing to the growth and a rare financial viability in spite of the crisis.

Frédéric Deletang became a part of WAYCOM in 2003 as a developer. He was previously the Systems Administrator at Europe Online. In 2005, Frédéric Deletang was given charge of WAYCOM’s Technical Direction, which is a highly strategic function in which he is now seen to orchestrate the technical development of the organisation’s services.

After acquiring his qualitification at the Sorbonne’s Business School (IAE of Paris) as well as being a member of actuel the Board of CMIT (Club des Directeurs Marketing de l’IT), as well as the Board of the Cloud Confidence association, Christophe Boitiaux has over ten years of IT Marketing experience. After initiating his career with Orange Business Service, at the helm of the Product Department, he moved to Nerim as their Head of Marketing and Communications for 5 years, and then taking the lead of Marketing and Product Development at Telehouse, the worldwide Datacenter service provider. He joined Waycom in 2013 at his current position of Director of Marketing and Communications. He is mainly in-charge of developing and structuring the services whilst keeping the market expectations in his line of vision, as well as maintaining a more regular communication between the ecosystem whilst contributing tothe organisation’s growth.

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