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As a Telecom Operator, we have built our own n*10G in France and abroad. Thanks to it, we are able to offer a high quality service from end-to-end at very competitive prices.

We deploy your own MPLS networks throughout the world, so that you can benefit from seamless, reliable and secure connectivity.

We have reached privileged agreements with local operators in all the countries covered by our footprint, and are therefore able to set a new threshold in terms of service quality offered at such affordable rates. rather than having to go through a local stakeholder.

Our production is carried out within Tier 3 and tier 4 Datacenters, also called “carrier class” Datacenters. These hosting centres comply with European data protection regulation.

That these centres are located along international networks’ fibre optic conduits allows us to optimise transfer times of the hosted applications and provide amongst the best transnational communication service.

Our hosting centres are located at several, various geographical sites: Paris Metropolitan Region with three redundant sites, Lyon, Bordeaux, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Spain, Switzerland and Luxembourg.