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Nicolas Codet, Chief Technical Officer of ST Dupont

“We had the choice between restore our datacenter or outsourcing our infrastructure. For more efficiency, we have decided to trust Waycom enterprise for the management and supervision of our servers. But we have also taken advantage of this migration to redesign completely our network infrastructure. As a result, we have today a better performance and resilience”



Lionel Sarrazy, Chief Technical Officer of BETC Euro RSCG

“We have just reached a milestone with this “Pliage” operation. We have integrated a new techlogy allowing us to manage in real time, from the Cloud, the shops WiFi in Eurepean Union. In reality, it ‘s not just a new network configuration. We have now a direct link between the Headquarters and the points of sales. We can think and deploy new services, very easily. Thanks to Waycom, we have store connected to the Web, allowing us to provide an amazing experience to our customers”.


Corentin Violle, Chief Techical Officer of Longchamp

” We were looking for a solution flexible and fast to implement. Waycom, thanks to its expertise and technical knowledge has demonstrated reactivity and availability following us during all the project. They have been proactive and have offered us bespoke and scalable services”.