About us

Who we are

Waycom was founded in the year 2000 and it’s principal aim has been to provide Internet and Hosting services to commercial organisations. We offer a wide variety of IT and telecom solutions in France and abroad.

Our services can be divided into four main groups:

Sony BMG, Galeries Lafayette, BETC Euro RSCG, Optical Center, ST Dupont are only a handful of names amongst more than 500 of our clients who trust us for our services.

Waycom has a a wide variety of services to offer that are flexible and scalable so as to cover the needs of the smallest to the largest of companies, public administrations.

We are located in Suresnes, near La Défense, and we are able to quickly service our clients throughout France and abroad.

A few figures

  • EUR 15 MillionTurnover in 2014
  • 1500 clients
  • 50 employees
  • 4400 Serveurs
  • 4000 Private Networks (VPN MPLS)
  • Annual growth >20%

Our timeline

2015 : Merge with Ivolea

2013 : Creation of the R&D Department

2012 : Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service launched

2011 : SassS messaging was commercialised

2010 : Multimedia platform was inaugurated in order to create an audio/video helpline

2008-2009 : Cloud Computing services launched

2007 : First of the virtualisation services were introduced to the market

2006 : Retail IP6 offerings launched

2000 : Waycom was founded

Our associative memberships

Waycom is a member of several associations in order to actively participate in the IT ecosystem and to contribute to the major innovations in the sector.


Eurocloud France Chapter of the European organisation, EuroCloud, the pioneer amongst the actors of Cloud computing in Europe. It boasts a 1500-company strong membership across 31 pays.
It’s main objective is to promote the development of Cloud Computing in France through it’s actors and by advocating it’s use.
Waycom is an active member who participates in the Iaas (Infrastructure As a Service) workgroup

logo-cloud-confidence-color-horizontal-HDCloud Confidence is an association whose goal is to foster confidence in the field of Cloud Computing amongst professionals and users on the one hand, and the European as well as worldwide authorities on the other. It’s main aims are:

  • To unite the French and European actors of the Cloud field with regard to client- and company-specific, strategic data protection
  • Raise awareness in the IT market as regards the legislation and client- and company-specific, strategic data protection
  • Implement a set of values that will allow the user companies to get to know the legislation pertaining to the use of Cloud services
  • Publish the certification framework that is based on the European legal framework
  • Bring together the various commissions which work on subjects relative to security in the Cloud services field

Waycom joined this association at the time of it’s creation, in June 2014, and is a membre of it’s Board of Directors.